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Sardinia Tours – The experience provider for guided motorcycle tours in Sardinia

The Sardinia-Tours team offers 4 to 8 guided motorcycle tours in Sardinia every year. As a Swiss travel provider, they have specialized in guided motorcycle tours in Sardinia. The tours offered are on-road only. Enjoy the most beautiful tours, guided by experienced, local Swiss tour guides from Sardinia-Tours. The tours are accompanied of 3 tour guides per tour who lead their own groups.

Sardinia - The absolute premier class for motorcycle tours

The absolute “top class” for motorcycle tours and the ultimate bike fun on what is probably the most beautiful place "Motorcycle Island" of the world! Fascinating panorama, first-class dream roads, endless Curves and very little traffic. A true experience for every motorcyclist and at the same time ideal, shared motorcycle (beach) vacation for driver & pillion.

Sardinia is an island of contrasts, where Mediterranean freedom is lived and loved. It offers fascinating panoramas, first-class dream roads, countless curves and very little Traffic. All of this is surrounded by untouched nature and southern flair. You will be excited his from this fascinating, Mediterranean island and especially from the endless curves and the almost perfect conditions for motorcycling.

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Special for faster motorcycle drivers:

Different speeds are driven on the day tours to ensure that each participant can drive at their own pace as much as possible. The long-standing one Experience from Sardinia Tours has shown that the participants have the most fun is that they can drive at the appropriate speed in the ideal group. This requires great experience, commitment and a very high level of experience from all Sardinia-Tours tour guides precise planning. The groups always meet at agreed points along the way Cafés along the route for breaks during daily motorcycle rides.

First-class motorcycle holidays - motorcycle tours with a beach holiday

On all tours there are no hotels that change daily; the groups stay overnight during the tour The entire duration of the tour in a first-class four-star hotel directly on the sea with your own Private beach and beach bar. This hotel also has a large swimming pool and excellent cuisine, including a Sardinian specialty restaurant makes these tours a true culinary journey. This Sardinia-Tours base hotel is also located in the "curviest" part of the island, from where the daily excursions take place start each time. After the tours there is enough time for extensive visits to the beach or pool in the afternoon. (Coast to Coast Tour, includes 2 additional nights in Alghero)

The selection of tours, absolutely high quality accommodation and food as well as the best Travel times are of utmost importance for Sardinia tours. They value the fact that Participants do not have any group stress and can spend their holidays freely as they please to be able to enjoy.

Individuality and group experience

The motto at Sardinia-Tours is: “Participate fully in all activities and excursions according to your mood". On these tours you are absolutely free and everyone can also do their own Take day tours, explore the island on your own or as a couple with a partner Enjoy beach days.