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what does it take to get the motorbike licence?

Did you know that from 1 January 2021 young people in Switzerland will already be able to obtain a driving licence for the so-called "subcategory A1 small motorbike" up to a maximum of 45 km/h at the age of 15?
That these young people will have to take the same theory test for this as for a "large" motorbike and will then be allowed to climb onto a 15 hp 125cc without an examination at the age of 16?

That, on the other hand, complete newcomers will have to take a total of three practical driving tests until they are finally allowed to climb onto a category A motorbike with no performance restrictions as a minimum 20-year-old?
Or that the practical basic course will last 12 hours from next year onwards, but will be valid without restriction for all the categories of driving licence that are later aimed for? how it works

The driving licence tool, set up by the Swiss importers' association motosuisse and, answers all these questions in detail and serves as a clearly structured guide to the driving licence you are aiming for, provided free of charge. 
Simply enter your age and existing driving licence categories, and you will see what still needs to be done for the driving licence category you are aiming for.

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You will also find a motorbike catalogue with over 700 motorbike and scooter models in Switzerland.